3D Printing

Throughout 2020, I've been exploring the world of 3D printing.

With my background in 3D modeling, I had a good start to understanding the basics of printing process. I'm currently working with a CR-10 printer that uses PLA filament. I'm currently using STL files of my own design or free models from 3D different sites.

None of my STL files are currently for sale, but this might be possible at a later date.

I'm open to commissions, whether it's using a provided STL, or making a custom model.


Desk Figure

This figure was requested by a friend who wanted a replacement for a lost desk decoration. While the name was kept, the figure was modeled from scratch and was made with several alterations, making it unique different from the original.


Wood Texturing

As is fitting, one of my first creations was a beaver. But it took me some time to figure out how I wanted to paint it. This figure stands at 1.5 inches, and was painted to resemble a wood carving.

Venator Star Destroyer

This model is a downloaded model that I printed and painted. This is not my own design.