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Greetings, My name is Jeffrey Kee. I'm an artistic man who works in a wide variety of mediums.
One thing that separates my work from others in my field, is that I do not use templates or presets. I do this for one core reason: Using templates and presets yield "No Growth." I seek to grow in order to better my skills and offer better products to those I work for/with. I've had the opportunity to work on hundreds of projects that many times requires a whole new set of skills to be developed. This means I'm ready and able to learn in order to solve problems without the need for more higher education. Everything you see on this website (including videos, images, and effects) were build by myself. Motion Graphics and Compositing Arguably my best skill. I've worked professionally in Photoshop, After Effects, and Blender to create motion graphics and compositing.

Having dabbled in drawn, clay, and 3D animation, I'm able to do what needs done. Most people don't need my animation services, but I still have some experience and look forward to more work in the field.

Art and Graphic Design
Whether it's painting, photoshopping, sculpting, drawing, layout, etc. I've had years of experience in Art.

While I've not had the opportunity or team to make many shorts or films, I've had to use storytelling to communicate a lot in the products I've done over the years. Whether it's creative writing, documenting, or even voice acting, I've had a regular need to work a story into the products I've made.

If you go to my old wix sites (any of them), you will see that they are broken and scrambled... A feature of Wix that I didn't know about when I first built them. Wix websites are unstable and clunky, so I learned to code websites from the ground up. I also like to experiment with new styles that are different and unique from your typical website.

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