Projects in Development

The transition from freelancer to storyteller is fast approaching! I'm just about ready to start looking for support to make some of these ideas a reality. This page will showcase these projects as they are developed. I currently have around 20 stories that have the potential to be made into a product. As I'm ready to announce their development, they will be posted here. The concepts will be intentionally vague to protect the idea, and all testing for the material will be different for each. I will be seeking support for these projects when they are ready for production.

With the Fish

Short Film Series With the Fish been a project in the making for many years. After a few more test animations, this project will begin to move into production. As of right now, there are a few things that still need to be done before the series can officially begin: -Music -12 Finalized Scripts -Render Farm Solution After the first 2 episodes are made, we will need: -1 or 2 assistant for Modeling and Animation -A way to monetize, meaning either donations, merchandise, ads (I really don't want to rely on YouTube ads, so I'll be searching for alternative solutions to this)

Story Series in Development

Book / Film Series At the dawn of the Middle Ages, an incredible event took place on the fringe of the known world. This story is a historic fiction about one of the lesser known events that ended up shaping Europe in a strange way. This yet-to-be announced tale focuses on this event and seeks to help put the audience into the world of Dark Age Europe. This story is a 3-5 part series, focusing on the life of several boys who must choose between a normal life or putting their life on the line for someone they barely know. Current Status: -Primary history research completed -Around 70% of the story has been planned out, around 50% is written in some form. Plan for Completion: -Rewrite the first part, focusing more on character development -Finish piecing together the various segments into a first draft -Finish Trademarking content Potential for Expansion: -This story is a 3 part series, but the story doesn't stop there, there is the potential for another 1 or 2 parts that would close out the story

Story Series in Development

Book / Film Series This 4 part series is a fictitious story about a crew who's shanghaied for a mysterious mission. In their journey, a prodigal son must face the consequences of his decisions and overcome his struggles. This yet-to-be announced sci-fi story attempts to create a unique, original adventure that dives deep into the dangers of greed and the importance of forgiveness. Current Status: -Around 80,000 words have been written for the first part -First test audience is being conducted Plan for Completion: -Finish the first part and seek support for the story's completion -Finish the overarching plot -Finish Trademarking content